Initial Release

Version 1.0.0

Pond is a journal designed to help you explore different ways of journaling to keep your journal practice new & exciting every day.

You can use Pond to improve your sense of gratitude and mindfulness, work through emotions like anxiety or sadness, learn more about yourself through self-reflection, or simply just keep track of what happens throughout your day.

Here’s what you can find in Pond’s journal collection:

Events - Log what happens throughout your day and add pictures to capture the moment.

Gratitude - A simple gratitude journal to help you focus on the things and people that you’re thankful for.

Self - Write about a random journal prompt designed for self-reflection and discovery. Use these prompts to understand yourself better and become more in tune with your emotions.

Journeys - Guided journals that are designed to help you work through a specific situation or emotion that you’re currently experiencing, such as anxiety, sadness, or finding purpose.